Bocas Del Toro

Gone CocoaNuts Waterfront Lodge is located in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, overlooking Sardine Bay and close to Loma Partida.


Bocas Del Toro is known as the Galapagos of the Caribbean. Bocas Del Toro, is a province on the North Western side of Panama bordering Costa Rica. There is a island chain of 9 large islands, and hundreds of small islands scattered across a large blue/green Caribbean setting. Off to the South, within eyes reach, you can see a spectacular mountainous landscape that’s part of the mainland. On the island of Colon (one of the larger islands) is Bocas Town where many people fly into. Bocas Del Toro, has two National Park’s, Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park and La Amistad International Park. Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park a land coverage is about 32,682 acres. Whereas La Amistad International Park is the largest nature reserve in Central America having about 990,892 acres. The climate remains consistent through each year averaging between 27-30°C (81-88°F) during the day, but during the night averaging 20-24°C (69-75°F) allowing a perfect nights sleep.


Gone Cocoa Nut’s Lodge about 30-40 minutes East of Bocas Town by water. You can find on the map that will redirect you to our gallery. Our gallery is full of local images where the lodge is. The forest is right at our doorstep carrying among the thousands of plants and animals in it’s domain. Among other things to see, the water is teaming with schools of fish and it’s pretty common to see and maybe even interact with dolphins. We caught our own picture of a dolphin listed on our site.


Unlike many other places Bocas Del Toro is the place to see. Plan a future visit with us to experience why we have gone Cocoa Nuts for Bocas Del Toro.