Gone CocoaNuts Waterfront Lodge is located in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, overlooking Sardine Bay and close to Loma Partida. Our casual eco-hotel is open during the winter months and are fully staffed to help you create the Panama vacation of your dreams! Enjoy meals with a hint of cocoa prepared by our onsite chef!


Our mission is for each and every person who stays at Gone CocoaNuts to return home with the thought in their minds that they can’t wait to return to Gone CocoaNuts for their next vacation.


Gone Cocoa Nuts is a very fun, relaxing lodge that has a bit to offer for everyone in the family. We have swimming, fishing, snorkeling, hiking, bird watching along with many animals like monkey’s and sloth’s that hang around. All the views to see are breath taking. The lodge is fully equipped with a beach available. Pick what you like to do. Pick an event per day. There are many other beaches available to go to. You could go zip lining on Red Frog Beach. There is a vast diversity in beaches from Red Frog where there are waves to Starfish beach which is very calm and to the white sands of the Zapatillas islands, which are uninhabited. There’s only one word to describe this is utopia.